He Doesn't Have The Power: Noah Centineo Exits Long Awaited He-Man Reboot


It appears that the long awaited cinematic reboot of Masters of the Universe needs to find itself a new He-Man. After sitting in development hell for years, the project had finally been gaining steam but has suddenly found itself without its Prince Adam as the lead actor has officially decided to leave the production. A representative for Noah Centineo stated that he has left the project and has declined to comment on the reason for bailing on the relaunch. The team behind the movie is now back to the drawing board as they continue to develop the script but are left without a central actor to carry the movie. 

Since his initial connection to being He-Man for a new generation there was never a confirmed release date for the movie and fans seemed less than impressed with the casting. Aaron and Adam Nee (Band of Robbers) are actively working towards getting the film into production and are supposedly finishing up their script. But they now find themselves at another crossroads as they have no lead star. 

Masters of the Universe will be based on the famous '80s cartoon and toy line which has seen a major resurgence in the last couple years. A new animated series is coming which will eventually lead up to the new movie. We'll update as we hear more, but for now He-Man doesn't have the power.