Mastermind Creations Does It Again With An April Curveball!

While most gags that happen on the first day of April are clear and some have the world questioning their legitimacy, Mastermind Creations (MMC for short) takes this opportunity to launch some off-the-wall products and this year is no exception.

Releasing images and posting an exclusive pre-order on Planet Steel Express, this figure enthralled fans and had them guessing with this unique take on a new character. The first figure in their Infinite Finity line, IF-01 Eris: Kultur has obvious connotations to Tarn, the leader of the Decepticon Justice Division, with a tank alt-mode, dual fusion cannons, and removable Decepticon badge-shaped mask. Where this new character deviates is the feminine features and slimmer build, as well as a strong facial resemblance to Esmeral, the wife of Decepticon leader Deathsaurus from the Victory manga. According to the bio for this new character, mad scientist Psyaxus enhanced her 'outlier' ability to mimic any combatant and he enhanced it, now she can 'transmogrify her exo-skeleton along with giving her the same skill set of any combatant'. 

With 71 points of articulation, poseable hands, working tank treads and turrets, and standing about 8 inches tall, this figure cuts a strong silhouette and looks capable of expressive poses. As mentioned, pre-orders are already up for $106.74 ($830 in HKD) and this set for release around the first of May 2021.