No One Laughs At A Master of Quack Fu: 1986 Howard The Duck Releasing on 4K UHD

image courtesy Lucasfilm and Universal Pictures

When Howard the Duck hit cinemas in 1986 it was considered a massive flop for the studio. People had no idea what to think as the flick was both a box office and critical disaster. The story of an alien duck landing on Earth and becoming romantically involved with a human woman did not bode well with audiences. It was also one of the first Marvel properties to make its way to the cinema. The movie went on to win four Razzies and has long been considered one of the worst movies of all time. However, it does have quite a large cult following. The one positive is that it ultimately led to the creation of Pixar. 

Now, the tale of Howard the Duck is getting a 35th anniversary 4K UHD release that will be put out by Universal this coming July. The news broke earlier today via Dawn of the Discs. There are no real details on what features will be included in the anniversary package but we'll update as we hear more. The 4K is being put out by Universal Pictures. We can't wait to see what an animatronic duck looks like in the highest of resolutions!

Although Howard was included in the Guardians of the Galaxy film series, there have been no new updates on a potential live action reboot.