Nuclear Family: Geiger # 1 (Image Comics) Reviewed



Geiger #1 has the feel of a blockbuster action flick that a studio, for one reason or another, has no faith in, so they release it in the less than ideal non-summer months. I mean this is an endearing way, as writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank have crafted a first issue that subverts the expectations of several genres while taking the story through unexpected turns. Geiger is cool, action-packed, and most of all, unique. It weaves through genres effortlessly, making it an engaging read that will sink its hooks into you straight away.

Geiger #1 is a bit all over the place in terms of the story that the first issue sets up, but it is highly entertaining. Whether or not this ambitious narrative will find its footing is still to be seen, but there are several intriguing elements that make this a worthy read. Geiger has elements of several genres: Western, super hero, horror, fantasy, and sci-fi but it is primarily a post-apocalyptic story. The story picks up following two wasteland explorers, clad in radiation suits, attempting to track down supplies. As they set up camp for the night they begin discussing the story of a glowing man known to haunt the wastes. Thus begins a flashback, and the tale of Tariq Geiger. 

Little clues are given as to the reason for the dropping of the nuclear bombs in Geiger, but that isn’t the focus of this story. Geiger, instead, is a heart-wrenching story about the lengths we go to for family and legacy. The action in the flashback picks up as the bombs are dropping, and Tariq must make an impossible decision for his family leaving him exposed to the nuclear blast while his family is safe in a bunker. 20 years later and the world is an entirely different place, but Tariq Geiger, through a cruel twist of fate, remains. Now able to irradiate himself, Geiger defends his territory against the scavengers of the radioactive world. Frank draws Geiger with epicness and grandiose deserving of any big name superhero, and in committing to this really sells the comic. 


Image courtesy of Image Comics

Geiger #1 ends with a revelation of a greater world that is reminiscent of the video game, Fallout: New Vegas. Just exactly how all the pieces will come together still remains a mystery, but there is certainly a vast cast of colorful characters for Johns and co. to play around with. Geiger could really turn into something special, and is certainly one of the more unique mainstream titles on the market. 


- Neil Hazel