The Clone Wars Return: Exclusive Black Series Figures Announced

images courtesy Hasbro

These first images of the new 6 inch Black Series figures had me doing a double take as at first glance, as they appear to be 15 year old figures that you may have seen on the shelves back then or at conventions for the past decade and a half. Instead, Hasbro is bringing The Clone Wars to the 6 inch scale in their classic style packaging.

Leading the charge on this first wave is Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in their respective battlefield armor. This Obi-Wan is an update to the previous Walgreens exclusive with a Photo Real face and new armor to better reflect his appearance in The Clone Wars series. At his side is Anakin with a blend of both animated and real world looks to his face as this takes place between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Both figures look well designed and articulated with the lightsabers being their only accessories.

As for the Clone troopers, we get a couple long awaited characters with Arc Trooper Echo and Clone Pilot Hawk. Echo sports the specialist Arc Trooper armor which was first brought to the screen in the Tartakovsky micro series, albeit in a red and white color scheme. Going with blue highlights on the armor, Echo also comes with two pistol blasters, two rifles, and a removable helmet. He also earns the distinction of continuing his adventures in the upcoming The Bad Batch series. Hawk only comes with a blaster and no removable helmet but this unique pilot design makes him stand out amongst the pack.

The Clone Trooper helmet packaging design really catches the eye and going back to a beloved series for some characters that were on a lot of fans 'want lists', I'm hoping they dig a bit deeper and keep those figures coming for the fans who want them! Expected in summer 2021 for $24.99 MSRP and exclusively at Target.