There's No Easy Way Out: Stallone Completes Rocky IV Director's Cut

image courtesy MGM

Yesterday, Sly Stallone once again confirmed he would not return as Rocky Balboa in the third entry in the Creed saga. But this week brings us brand new news about the famed boxing character that Stallone has played since the '70s. While he's hard at work developing a new story that will trace the steps of the characters from the classic movies prior to the first Rocky, Stallone has been busy working on a brand new director's cut of the all American '80s athletic montage film, Rocky IV. The film which released in 1985 was a massive hit for the studio and the director/actor and remains one of the most discussed entries in the series. But as we know by know, Stallone is never done with his characters. 

The film also came at the peak of the cold war which saw the U.S. and Russia at odds with each other. The film featured a boxing war between Balboa and Drago, the massive, cold as ice champion from the U.S.S.R.

Today he posted to his Instagram that editing and scoring is done on the new version of the film. The new version will apparently cut some scenes out and add additional bits. His post read as:

"Last day of finishing ROCKY IV!!!! Get ready to rumble!!!"