There's Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself: Titans Casts Vincent Kartheiser as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow


In an otherwise slow news day, we have a bit of crazy casting news. It's been announced that Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser has joined the third season of DC's Titans as the mad doctor, Jonathan Crane otherwise known as Scarecrow. 

This version of the character is said to be "an inmate at Arkham Asylum who used to terrorize Gotham City using toxins to exploit his enemies' phobias". This will be the latest live incarnation of the character after Cillian Murphy played Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. There have also been numerous animated versions of the Prince of Panic. Charlie Tahan portrayed him in the long running Gotham television series as well. 

Kartheiser will make his appearance during the third season of Titans when it hits the HBO Max streaming service in the near future. He's built a solid resume of dramatic roles in numerous television shows but has been starring in movies and tv since the early '90s.