Welcome To Raccoon City: Resident Evil Reboot Movie Gets Delayed By Three Months

image courtesy Sony Pictures

Although cinemas are slowly opening back up with the spring movie season upon us, all is still not well. While many theater chains think that Godzilla vs Kong is going to be the reset switch they need over the Easter holiday weekend, things are still not looking like they're going to be perfect any time soon. Tonight, Sony Pictures announced that their upcoming restart of the Resident Evil franchise will not meet its currently slated release date of September 3rd. The studio has decided that the film will now move from the early fall to a newly scheduled date of November 24th. This will definitely get it closer to the Christmas movie season, even if things aren't fully back to normal. 

Director Johannes Roberts recently stated that this new movie series will not be part of the existing film universe and will resemble the games much more closely. Actors from the films have commented that this first in what is planned to be a franchise is really based around the videogames, whereas the films starring Milla Jovovich were exceedingly far away from their source material. 

This last week has seen several movies shifting dates to meet the ever changing demands and targeting of the pandemic. Hopefully by this summer, things will start to get back underway so that movie fans can finally enjoy themselves again.