Beyond The Pail: Garbage Pail Kids Animated Show Coming to HBO Max

Courtesy of the Toranite Company

HBO is so desperate for content in the streaming wars, they are dumpster diving. Literally. That's right, The Garbage Pail Kids are back. HBO Max and Danny McBride are teaming up with Michael Eisner's Toranite Company to produce a Garbage Pail Kids animated series for the streamer. 

The trading cards first appeared in 1985. They were so popular in schools with kids, they had to be banned with teachers citing how disruptive they were for classes. They were so popular, they received their own movie in 1987. A movie so good, it won the Palme d'Or and the Academy Awards. Just kidding, it was a notorious flop with a zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes and was quickly rushed out of theaters. 

Due to sales drops, Topps discontinued the cards in 1988, until they were reintroduced in 2003. While successful, they never achieved the same level of success. Danny McBride, his Rough House partner David Gordon Green, and Josh Bycel will write and co-created the new animated series. The series is expected to be family-friendly and aimed at audiences of all ages and we can't wait to see what they do with it.