He Came Back: Robert Cop 2 SDCC 2021 Exclusive Announced!

If you've ever delved into the world or galleries of knock-off toys, this should come as no surprise to you that some disasters just become fascinating. Such is the case with the just barely not Robocop packaged 'Robert Cop 2' action figure that became meme-worthy when artist Brad McGinty created a t-shirt for this non-existent movie. He had also made a small run of loosely packaged custom figures for the customers who ordered early enough.

Now, Hiya Toys has announced it's exclusive for SDCC 2021 this year and this is far and away the best looking 'Robert Cop 2' figure yet. Hiya Toys has been producing official Robocop figures and this is just a packaging variant Robocop 2 figure in 3.75 inch scale. The figure comes with 4 total interchangeable hands, two blasters, and a Cain's brain accessory. The classic style bubble card back comes in a secondary packaging and Previews Exclusive SDCC 2021 label on the front.

images courtesy HIYA TOYS!

Frankly, this figure looks great at this scale and the only thing that looks silly is the name. The iridescent steel blue paint and articulation make the Robert Cop 2 stand out in terms of quality. This should be available at most online retailers for $19.99 and looks to be available in July of this year. Get yours soon because it is limited to 2000 pieces!