How You Doin' ?: Friends Reunion Nears Wonder Woman 1984 Premiere Numbers on HBO MAX

image courtesy HBO MAX

Some 17 years after the show went off the air, the cast of Friends returned this weekend with a reunion show that brings all the original stars back together. Instead of doing a new sitcom episode of the famous television show, they opted for a more relaxed special that sees the six get back together in a more laid back interview format. Having watched it last night, it's very interesting to see where they're at today, how they've aged, and how the series has had a long term effect on their careers. Some of them have continued on with lucrative acting gigs while others seem to have fallen by the wayside. Today it was revealed that the reunion was a massive success for HBO. 

Nearly as many people that watched the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984 over Christmas tuned in to the streamer to catch the Friends reunion. The get together called The One Where They Get Back Together is filmed on the same set where the show was produced. Variety has reported that the Friends reunion was watched by almost as many households as WW84 when it was released in the streaming format. TVision reports that 29% of streaming households watched the special compared to 32% for the Wonder Woman sequel when it premiered. This is only based on internet connected televisions and does not count phones, computers or other handheld devices. The majority of Friends viewers were women and folks between 35 and 54 years old. 

While numbers may not matter to a lot of us, it shows the consistency of how Friends maintains its stature in pop culture and what a long term effect the ten season run had on the population. The special even goes into some depth as fans from across the globe discuss how the series changed their lives.