It's Hard To Turn Off: Sylvester Stallone Releases New Behind The Scenes Footage From Last Blood

image courtesy Lionsgate

Sylvester Stallone definitely knows how to deliver to his fan base via social media. The actor has recently taken to Instagram to reveal some new behind the scenes footage from Last Blood in which he's beaten and bloody. The actor wanted to show off the practical make up effects by Fiona Cush. Could this little tease mean that he's thinking about bringing Rambo back for another movie? Never one to put a character to sleep, we wouldn't be shocked if the actor/writer/director/producer is considering it. 

The supposed final bow for John Rambo was a critical and box office failure that didn't truly live up to the other movies in the franchise. Apparently, Stallone is actually working on developing a streaming prequel series that would go to an outlet like Amazon, Netflix or Hulu. Although nothing has been set in stone, it wouldn't be surprising  to see another continuation of the character. In the meantime, check out the video he posted below.