Just One Big Zippo Lighter: Stephen King's Firestarter Remake Begins Filming, Stunt Video Released


After a delay, the upcoming remake of Stephen King's Firestarter has finally begun filming. Based on the horror novel of the same name, the movie will once again follow a young girl who has the pyrokinetic power to start fires. The original movie is an '80s gem starring Drew Barrymore but will see a modern remake starring Zac Efron as Andy McGee, previously played by David Keith in the 1984 version. This new film is being produced by Blumhouse, who obviously has a long history of horror hits under its belt including the latest iteration of Halloween. It's said that Stephen King is fully onboard this remake and likes the new direction it will take. 

Blumhouse just posted to Twitter that the movie has begun filming and shared a set video of an old school fire stunt that kicked off production on the movie. The entire cast has not been announced as of yet.