Long Live A Quiet Place!!!: John Krasinski's Part II Sets New Pandemic IMAX Record


With fifty percent of the population fully vaccinated prior to the Memorial Day weekend, it looks as if movie theaters are finally getting the influx of cash they've been desperate for. The release of A Quiet Place Part II has seen great success in its first weekend of its theatrical run. The movie was delayed over a year due to the pandemic and even saw Emily Blunt and John Krasinski do financial battle with the studio. But now, their path is clear to setting their sights on a massive haul this weekend, with the biggest IMAX opening since this all began.

The sequel opened to $4.1 million in IMAX theaters, which is only 8.6 percent of its full holiday weekend opening or North American gross so far. This is the highest since January 2020. It also brought in well over $1 million from select foreign markets with IMAX screenings, which brings that segment to over $5 million. This is just part of its total weekend gross of nearly $47.5 million total, a great spring opening for a horror film. 

With these types of numbers, it's easy to see that the general public is finally heading back to the movies and we can all rest easy knowing that the summer season is about to kick off.