Me and my Monster: Something is Killing the Children #16 (Boom! Studios) Reviewed

Photo Courtesy of Boom! Studios

It is almost surprising that Something is Killing the Children is still an ongoing series. Initially planned as a five-issue limited series, but extended due to early popularity, Something is Killing the Children #15 could have served as a fairly neat, albeit mysterious conclusion to the series. Now, with issue #16 (written by James Tynion IV with art by Werther Dell’edera) serving as the start of the fourth arc of the story, the narrative is looking more exciting than ever. Something is Killing the Children centered on the town of Archer’s Peak, where children had been going missing, and those that weren’t missing were claiming terrible monsters were the culprits. Enter Erica Slaughter, a newcomer to the town who is more mysterious than the case she arrived to solve. Erica’s journey in Archer’s Peak is an exciting, violent, monster filled, thrill ride, but issue #16 sets the stage for something more interesting: Answers.

Something is Killing the Children #16 serves as an excellent jumping on point for new readers, taking us back to the origin of Erica Slaughter, a twelve year old girl who has just met the monsters she will grow to hunt for the first time. She is taken under the wing of Jessica, a member of The Order of St. George, a secret society of monster hunters. The majority of the issue involves Jessica explaining to Erica the trials and tribulations she will face as a prospective member of The Order of St. George. Tynion’s writing here is masterfully crafted to construct the relationship between Jessica and Erica, it is easy to immediately root for the shy, yet inquisitive child that we know will grow up to be a monster-slaying badass. 


Photo Courtesy of Boom! Studios

This arc also appears as if it will shed light on many of the more unexplained qualities of Erica and the Order of St. George. Tynion is careful not to reveal too much, only giving hints at what the greater meaning of certain practices and objects are. One thing is for certain, watching Erica navigate her initiation into The Order is sure to be a treat. 

If this is your first foray into the world of Something is Killing the Children, issue #16 will provide a great stepping stone to the rest of the series. For readers who are caught up, it takes the story in a new direction, revealing information and deepening the world-building of the universe. 


-Neil Hazel