Spiral Crashes: Saw Spin-Off Fails Box Office Expectations

image courtesy Lionsgate
The long running Saw franchise saw its latest release hit cinemas this weekend. Unfortunately after several delays caused by COVID-19, the Chris Rock brainchild didn't live up to expectations. Spiral, a film which is a direct spin-off to the Saw movies, has had a rough road that didn't get any better when it released this weekend. Although analysts were expecting the film to gross somewhere around $13-15 million in its opening frame, the horror flick only made $8.7 million over the three day window. As could potentially be expected from a series that's gone on for over 15 years, this does not bode well for the franchise as a whole. It seems that the low budget flicks are seeing dwindling returns from an audience that's seemingly beginning to grow out of this type of horror. 

It was altogether a rough weekend at the box office. The new Angelina Jolie movie, Those Who Wish Me Dead only made $2.8 million while Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead made $780 thousand in a measly 430 theaters. Hopefully as the summer releases begin, we'll start to see some big and better weekends. The last month had begun to see an uptick in ticket sales. Perhaps the choices just weren't good enough this time around.