The Joke's On Us: Joaquin Phoenix Joker Sequel in Development

image courtesy WB
Although the film was extremely divisive, WB seems to be ratcheting up work on a sequel to Todd Philips' Joker film. The movie which exists in its own section of the expanded DC universe was a massive hit for the studio and brought them serious returns on their investment. The movie which copied much of Martin Scorsese's film library went on to $335 million in the United States against a meager budget of $55 million. It's no wonder they want to cash in on the character again. When it released in 2019, it was a definite hit but also had its share of negative reviews and comic book fans that didn't care for this adaptation of the character that was outside the bounds of the current DCEU. 

Now, it's been reported that WB and DC are currently attempting to come up with the formula to produce a sequel to the movie with Phoenix returning to the role. The Hollywood Reporter says that the film is still in active development and may begin making some headway towards a sequel that will expand on its part of the cinematic universe. It is still unclear whether or not Batman will ever become an integral part of this Joker's story. 

Joaquin Phoenix one a best actor Academy Award for his role in Philips' film. 

Obviously, we'll update as we hear any updates.