Today Is The First Day of the Rest of Your Life: Kevin Spacey To Return To Acting in Italian Film, The Man Who Drew God


Just three years after he crashed and burned his career due to sexual allegations, abuse, and other awful charges, actor Kevin Spacey is once again attempting a comeback. Only a short time after his ouster from the Hollywood limelight, the actor tried to play coy with a couple videos that seemed to claim the truth was never told about the real situation. However, it didn't really work and the one time leading man has been living on the outskirts of fame ever since. The one time major star has since burned out and hasn't been part of a major studio film since 2018's The Billionaire Boys Club, which never got a proper release due to his deep rooted personality issues which brought several sexual assault cases against him. 

Now, the actor is going to star in the Italian made film, The Man Who Drew God with director Franco Nero. Although the movie is an Italian production, it will be an English speaking movie. Nero's wife Vanessa Redgrave will co-star with Spacey. He has made no public comment about his return to film, but will most likely stay silent as to not draw further attention to the allegations, including sexual assault on a minor, made against him.