Transformers Studio Series 86: Latest Wave Revealed

images courtesy Hasbro

Hasbro's Fan First Friday brought out the latest iteration of their Studio Series line continuing with the 1986 The Transformers The Movie line of figures. This year marks the 35
th anniversary of the movies release in theaters and previous Studio Series 86 figures have been met with copious amounts of fan praise.

This time around, three movie characters and a returning favorite are coming to shelves and online retailers. In the Deluxe class we're getting Sharkticon Gnaw in a brand new tooling. Previously, the Titans Return line released a Legends class version of Gnaw but this new Deluxe class seems to lean towards a more screen accurate and articulated look for the classic troop builder. Next up is a Voyager class Wreck-Gar from the planet of Junk! Famously portrayed by Eric Idle by 'talking T.V.', this highly resourceful Autobot ally is also getting an upgrade to the next size class, as previously the Junkions had held their own in the Deluxe class. Boasting the signature spinning ax weapon, the body also has spiked wheels, wrists, knees, and articulated chest blasters. The most important feature was shown with Wreck-Gar being able to ride another Wreck-Gar in vehicle mode, as we are fairly certain more versions of this mold will be made available.

The last bit of Studio Series 86 news was a Leader class Slug with Daniel in exosuit. A Leader class Dinobot team will most likely be as close as we can get for official Masterpiece versions of the prehistoric quintet. Styled after his Transformers The Movie and animated series appearance, his signature blaster and red head make him stand out from his original toy counterpart. Now, you may remember his name being a bit different originally but it's still the same ornery tricerabot we've always known. The small Daniel looks like a simplified version his Masterpiece figure, seemingly without a transformation or removable helmet.

The last bit from Fan First Friday was the next in their new line, Shattered Glass Starscream! For the unfamiliar, Shattered Glass is not unlike the Mirror universe from Star Trek where personalities and alliances are reversed. This Starscream is a repaint of the tetrajet from War For Cybertron Siege, this time coloring the Heroic Decepticon in Skyfire's colors of red and white. Brandishing two Energon swords that can combine, this Voyager class will also come with the third issue of the IDW Shattered Glass 5-issue series. The previous Shattered Glass Blurr and Megatron will be coming with the first two issues of the series.

All of these are up for preorder on most online retailers, with an expected arrival of October 2021. Shattered Glass Starscream will be a Hasbro Pulse exclusive and should start shipping in December.