X Never, Ever Marks the Spot: Harrison Ford Arrives in the UK For Indiana Jones 5

image courtesy Lucasfilm

Harrison Ford has officially arrived in the UK for the beginning of shooting on Indiana Jones 5. The production begins filming next week as reported by numerous sources. The latest and final installment in the Indiana Jones series will be the last outing for Ford as the adventurous character made famous by the 1981 film, Raiders of the Lost Ark. He went on to star in The Temple of Doom, The Last Crusade, and (of course) the critically ravaged Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. That was the last time he appeared as the character and much to our surprise, he's back again, this time under the directorial guidance of James Mangold. Steven Spielberg left the project after years of toiling and problematic script rewrites. We hope that they finally got it right. 

With the story completely under wraps, Ford has arrived in the UK ready to get started on the next Jones adventure. The watch company Bremont posted a new image of Ford enjoying some Whiskey at their manufacturing center. While no official plot points have been leaked about the movie, Mangold did hint that it will most likely take place during the '60s. 

Considering Mangold's work on Logan, it will be interesting to see where this one heads. A 78 year old Harrison Ford appears to be in great shape and will definitely be able to handle himself with the physically demanding role.