The Suicide Squad First Wave From McFarlane Toys!

With a wild and promising trailer, The Suicide Squad film from writer and director James Gunn has primed it's audience with more of the action and comedy for which he's been known.

As for teasers of the figures coming from McFarlane Toys, the preorders for the first wave popped late last month on their site with an estimated release October/November 2021. Now we get the first look at that wave as well as the Build-A-Figure, King Shark! Dynamically posed in what looks like a great cover shot from a comic book, we see Peacemaker, Bloodsport, Harley-Quinn, and Polka-Dot Man all lined up in front of the towering King Shark with their defeated foes amongst the fore and background. The sculpts look quite accurate for their onscreen likenesses, with John Cena's Peacemaker looking to have a removable helmet and Harley in a red evening gown. King Shark thankfully is wearing swim trunks but looks relatively poseable, including a movable lower jaw.

image courtesy McFarlane Toys

No accessories have been mentioned so this brings up a trend that has been moving through both DC and Marvel figures recently. Both Peacemaker and Bloodsport seem to be wielding swords, Harley a staff, and Polka-Dot Man with an effects part displaying his unique powers. Firearms have been omitted in the promotional materials for upcoming figures from both comic book companies but they're still sold with those items. No definitive word or announcement has been given about this policy but the figures still arrive with promised and character accurate weaponry, as of now. The G.I. Joe Classified line seems to have little issue with this but most of their accessories are seemingly being based off of Nerf  blasters.

The Suicide Squad hits theaters August 6, 2021 and get your preorders in early for this first wave as I'm sure the next will be ready for their mission very shortly.