Mezco Toys One:12 Line Announcements Cover All The Bases

Images courtesy Mezco

Mezco Con 2021 is hit hard again this year with three days of announcements and reveals across their various lines. Their One:12 Collective line seemingly went in every direction this year bringing everywhere from teases to pre-orders.

Starting day one by dipping into comics of yore in the form of Dick Tracy and gangster Flat Top! Bringing the vintage comic strip characters to the 6-inch scale, these reveals show the detective and criminal in their classic outfits with revolvers in hand. Conversely, a Victorian era-inspired Batman story brings us Gotham By Gaslight The Joker. To complement their previously revealed Batman figure, this Joker takes a distinct likeness to ‘The Man Who Laughs’ in his portrait and dress. Boasting a litany of accessories in the form of 11 swappable hands, 2 face portraits, several tools with a carrying case, a removable apron, top hat, and glasses, this figure includes a base with stand featuring the classic The Joker logo. While there are no details on Dick Tracy and Flat Top’s release and pricing, Gotham By Gaslight The Joker is up for order now on Mezco’s site for $100 USD and shipping in August 2021.

Day two gave us two reveals, one from Marvel and one from G.I. Joe! In the far-flung future of 2099, Miguel O’Hara dons the identity of Spider-man to fight crime in Nueva York! The costume looks amazing in this deep blue fabric and stark red highlights and his tattered yet poseable web-shaped cape! Back in the present day, the mercenary saboteur codenamed Firefly is ready for what ever Cobra will pay him to do. His grey camo portrait teases a battle-field ready operative with no moral qualms about his objectives. No details on release or pricing yet.

Lastly, day three of the One:12 Collective line gave teases for both the extremely athletic and whatever the opposite of that could be. Teasing a forth coming Robin figure with a brief animation of a Robin flood light signal, there could be several options for this figure, but I will point out that this specific ‘R’ is used in Damian Wayne’s costume. Finally, we get a teaser from a much beloved horror franchise Silent Hill in the form of Pyramid Head. The plodding monstrosity looks amazing in his tattered apron and rusted parts. Again, both are teasers but look to be heading to pre-orders soon!