Get On The Boat: Disney's Jungle Cruise Coming to Digital HD Early

image courtesy Disney

Studios are definitely struggling it with the continued effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Although theaters have seen relatively strong box office receipts for many of the bigger budgeted summer releases, it seems that a lot of folks are still not returning to the cineplexes. This is making release windows much harder to forecast and box office projections have been falling short of what would typically be expected during the summer months. Case in point, Disney has decided to release their Jungle Cruise movie on Digital HD streaming way faster than initially planned. The feature will be available on August 31st, just one month after its release in theaters. 

The movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt would normally be a major hit, however its only made $154 million so far against a $200 million budget. For the mouse house this is not a good sign. Due to sluggish ticket sales and some people beginning to slow down on their public interaction due to the Delta variant, Disney has chosen to release it to home video in two weeks. 

The movie will also be hitting 4K UHD, blu-ray and dvd on November 16th in time for the Christmas season.