Go! Go! Cowabunga! A Crossover of the '90s Most Popular Teams Announced! Turtles Meet Power Rangers!

images courtesy Hasbro

Over the past handful of years, toy lines have been crossing over separate worlds in an appeal to both the fans of pop culture and their dedicated fan bases. The Internet Rule 50 denotes that ‘all franchises will crossover with each other’ and this particular ‘mix and match’ has happened before.

Power Rangers x TMNT Morphed introduces a world where the martial art mutant defenders of New York City receive the mantle of the Power Rangers. This happened in a comic miniseries from BOOM! Studios in 2019, setting the stage for Tommy Oliver to infiltrate the Foot Clan. The Rangers leave Angel Grove in pursuit of Tommy only to lose their connection to their Morphers, allowing the Turtles to become something more! Launching these figures in the Power Ranger Lightning Collection, we’ve gotten three two-packs and one stand-alone figure all up for preorder. The first is Leonardo as the Blue Ranger and Donatello as the Black Ranger.

They come with swappable unmasked heads and hands as well as Power Ranger-blended weapons: the Black Ranger’s ax merged with Donnie’s staff and the Blue Rangers lance merged with Leo’s swords. Each come with removable effects parts. Next, we get Michelangelo as the Yellow Ranger and April O’Neil as the Pink Ranger! Both with swappable unmasked heads and hands plus weapon effects parts, this time with Mikey having stylized nunchuks blended with the Power Daggers and April will have not only a Power Bow but a mic and video camera as well! Lastly for the two-packs, we get Raphael and Tommy Oliver as the Red Ranger and Foot Soldier respectively. Raph’s Sai merged with the Red Ranger’s Power Sword while Tommy wields a sword with lightning effects and has a blast effect part for his hand. Both have swappable unmasked heads and alternate hands.

Lastly, the big baddie reveals himself: Morphed Shredder! Possessing Tommy’s coin, we see Shredder in a terrifyingly powerful version of the Green Ranger. Coming with two sets of swappable hands and effects parts for his blades, this Morphed Shredder cuts an imposing silhouette with that menacing helmet, iconic purple cape, and Green Ranger shoulder pads.

These sets have all gone up for preorder on various online retailer ‘fan channel’ sites. The two-packs start at $52.99 USD each while Morphed Shredder’s SRP is $31.99 USD. All are expected to ship in April of 2022. Go! Go! Cowabunga!