Interview with the Killer: No Man of God (2021) - Reviewed

Taking an obvious cue and influence from the Netflix series Mindhunter, Elijah Wood and Luke Kirby star in the streaming release of No Man of God, the newest project to capitalize on and normalize a rapist and murderer. 

This is the latest film to capture Ted Bundy on film and the newest that sadly attempts to humanize the notorious murderer by showing him as a flawed prisoner and human being that's building a friendly bond with an FBI agent. Both actors support the limited material they're given as creepy edits are thrown in to amalgamate and expedite the director's vision of Bundy's mind with hyper edits of lingerie clad women, imagery of children, and other strange visuals.  

While the project offers another distinct look at Bundy's madness and the sheer magnitude of his intelligence, it feels wrong to see him presented in a way that truly attempts to bring him down to our level through a nearly sympathetic lens. The movie, while problematic in many areas, is a new highlight for Wood and adds a great dramatic role to his resume. However, Luke Kirby is the real star here. He does a phenomenal job portraying Bundy though his uncanny resemblance, physical demeanor and use of facial cues and techniques that are absolutely haunting. There have been several movies over the years, but Kirby disappears once he becomes Ted Bundy on film. 

Over the course of several years, FBI profiler Bill Hagmeier met with Bundy to use his demented mind to get inside the perverse world of serial rapists and killers. The film spends most of its time centered on these two characters as they develop a bond and discuss the inner workings of killers and their perverse ambitions. No Man of God is a mostly one sided look at Bundy and the acumen he used to outrun, outsmart and outdo the police for years but was ultimately caught and executed despite serious efforts to get his charges reduced by a claim of insanity. This look inside will have you believe he was in full control of his senses the entire time, never insane but only acting on his "urges". 

If anything, No Man of God is a straight character study that pushes the envelope by having us investigate continued themes of sexual violence in our society to this very day. The interjected discussions about pornography and its influences or effects on our communities is one that is definitely something of note as its mentioned throughout the movie. Perhaps the best part of the film is that the crimes are never replayed again. The entirety of the movie is spent within the confines of the prison, offices, or vehicles as director Amber Sealey obviously chose to keep the victims' stories at bay. 

No Man of God, while a great watch for those that study the history of serial killers, is an altered look at Ted Bundy but doesn't break much new ground. However, the great performances definitely uplift the shaky script and slow paced movement.