If It Bleeds, We Can Milk It: New Predator Movie Gets A Title, Art, and Summer 2022 Release


Well, they're at it again. No matter what happens, they'll be milking the Predator franchise for years to come. A couple years back it was announced that the series would see another movie that would serve a prequel of sorts. Now an official release date and the name for the project have finally been released along with some details about the story. The new Predator was long teased to take place before the events of the classic '80s film and would set down on Earth once again. 

So, during the Disney+ Day event it was announced that the new film will be 300 years ago and will involve the Comanche nation. The new title Prey was also revealed along with some title art and poster art for the movie. It will appear exclusively on Hulu in summer 2022. 

Check out the tweet below that features the art and title card. We're going to be cautiously optimistic about this one.