There Can Be Only One: Highlander Reboot Starring Henry Cavill To Film in 2022

Image courtesy Netflix

Initially announced over five years ago, director Chad Stahelski's (John Wick) Highlander reboot is finally making some headway. It was announced some time back that Henry Cavill would be taking over the lead role of Connor MacLeod, previously played by Christopher Lambert in the original film series. The two look to finally get the film out of development hell and into full production in 2022 as reported via The Hollywood Reporter. Cavill signed on with a $5 million payday to lead the new iteration of the immortal swordplay adventure film. 

There's been talk of a reboot ever since 2008 with every version of it falling apart before production. Stahelski's Highlander is apparently a retelling of the original story that will be a true remake. There's no word on who might play The Kurgan at this point. In previous versions both Dave Bautista and Vinnie Jones were in the running to take on the role of the iconic villain. 

The Hollywood Reporter story says that they'll be going for a more "grounded in reality take" and "will play a bit more like a modern tragedy". Obviously, we'll update as we hear more about the project.