A Chance To Do The Right Thing: Denzel Confirms The Equalizer III Will Film in 2022


Based on the '80s television series of the same name, Denzel Washington has now starred in two films that rebooted The Equalizer franchise. Despite a new show that stars Queen Latifah in the lead role, the movie series is also moving ahead with a third entry. For a while we weren't sure considering all had been quiet as far as another sequel. Today, Denzel confirmed that the third movie is happening. 

The first film did very well with critics and was quite successful at the box office. The second movie, despite a poor critical reception, still did enough ticket sales to support the production of a third entry in which Washington plays Robert McCall, a man with a special set of skills that takes vengeance on bad people. 

When speaking with BlackFilmAndTV.com, Washington stated that both he and director Antoine Fuqua would be returning to cap off the trilogy. There are no details at this time about the story, but we're definitely up for more. Washington always does a great job. Coming off the critically revered The Tragedy of MacBeth, he will once again return to a more action-centric role.