Damtoys x Coal Dog: Let Loose the Freedom Brothers!

Images courtesy Damtoys X Coal Dog

Stylized and original one-twelfth scale figures are rare treats in the collectible world, so with the relentless tide of licensed characters, it’s a pleasant break to see some originals get their turn on the waves.

Damtoys x Coal Dog have been putting out their Pocket Elite Series for a few years now with some wildly inspired and gritty entries. The King Pelvis, Old Bone, and Golden Dog preceded this latest announcement in their Death Gas Station sub line. Filling out the denizens of this rusted world are Anglin and Frank, the Freedom Brothers.

If these figures fell out of a stop-motion short film, I would not be surprised. Each brother is distinguishable yet clearly a pair with their cloth prison garb and skull-like heads. Poseable jaws and a plethora of accessories make this duo feel expressive and intriguing. From wanted posters and escape equipment to survival items and a couple word bubbles, these figures have plenty to add to any six-inch scale display.

Preorders are up on a few online retailers for $184.99 USD and are expected to ship the second quarter of 2022. In the meantime, these boys are on the lamb.