The Book of Boba Fett: S01 E02 - The Tribes of Tatooine - Reviewed

Image courtesy Disney/Lucasfilm

 The Book of Boba Fett episode two premiered this week and seems to be upping the ante for the series already. Despite a divided reaction to the first chapter, viewers seem to be boarding the ship with this second episode. This week sees Boba Fett teaming with the Tusken Raiders for a brand new adventure that features quite a bit of tension and a higher level of action. Also, adding more to Fett's back story, the show seems to be finding its footing after a premiere that left some wanting more. 

No longer imprisoned by the Tuskens, Boba finds himself on their side, training alongside and plotting a new mission that will free them of a newly revealed enemy. Calling back to the original films and using characters that were initially cut from Lucas' first Star Wars, Fett finds himself at Tosche Station, not looking for power converters, but looking for a fight. With no armor, he finds himself battling it out and thieving some much needed resources. Without a central story like The Mandalorian's Grogu plot line, The Book of Boba Fett has an altogether different feel, but is doing what good Star Wars television should do. It's expanding the galaxy. 

The show is building more back story and mythology in the Star Wars galaxy without walking on existing moments. The folks behind the series are at least attempting to do something we've been asking for years. We're finally outside the realm of the Skywalker saga and don't need everything to revolve around lightsabers and Jedi constantly. This Fett show is just more proof positive that the original Lucas vision can exist and doesn't need to always rely on a comfort zone. The Book of Boba Fett definitely feels familiar enough but is another step forward, showing us that the folks at Lucasfilm listened to complaints and are making some changes. 

The greatest thing that this Boba Fett show is doing is giving us a fresh dialog about the galaxy's most dangerous bounty hunter and showing some development of the character, even if we didn't really need it. Personally, it was always thought that the character was better as a mystery. But finally seeing a series that comes from his perspective is a unique one and allows the audience to see through the eyes of a bad guy. That in itself is a unique change that Star Wars needs more of and they're finally doing it. 

It will be hard for this show to ever live up to The Mandalorian because it exists as its own thing now. And it didn't have the safe space to rely on with its kick off. Yes, it's first episode garnered a tepid response from many, but it seems like Fett will be more action-centric and might have a more simple story telling style. For one, this guy is definitely not complaining about the familiar locales and faces from the comic books.