There's Me And Then There's God: James Cameron's The Abyss 4K Blu-Ray Release Tentatively Scheduled for August


The moment that sci-fi fans have been waiting for might finally be coming in August. For years, we've been clamoring for a 4K of blu-ray release of James Cameron's The Abyss. While it was announced that he was working on bringing it to the format it seemed to go absolutely silent. Now after years of being patient, there's a strong rumor that looks like the film will finally be coming home in August. There has been no official word or announcement from Cameron at this time but it looks like something is finally happening with it. 

Back in December when speaking with Space.Com, Cameron said that he did oversee the new master and digital transfer of the film and that it was completed in the Fall. Today, Geek Gab News posted to Twitter that the 4K release is officially scheduled. Nothing is confirmed so we're chalking this up as a rumor at this point, but this is the post: