Wonder Woman 3: Gal Gadot Gives Update on Film Status and Time Frame

Image courtesy WB/DC

Although Wonder Woman 1984 had an extremely divisive response, it was still considered a success for Warner Bros. and their DC film universe. The film was released day and date to streaming and cinemas, being one of the first major films to use that formula. Despite backlash from audiences and critics alike, plans for the third film are still in the works with director Patty Jenkins heading up the next entry in her trilogy. Lately there hasn't been many updates about the project as theaters still continue to struggle during the global pandemic. Several huge budgeted movies have proven that we're not quite where we should be, even though Spider-Man: No Way Home is proving to be one of the biggest movies of all time. 

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot recently gave an update on WW3 when speaking with InStyle magazine about plans for the next entry:

"We're developing the script right now. We'll probably start in a year and a half or so".

No other real details were given, but WB has already said that the next movie will be a traditional release and will not do the day and date thing again. During the DC Fandome Event in 2021, it was revealed that Lynda Carter - TV's Wonder Woman from '75-'79 - would be featured in a bigger role following her cameo in Wonder Woman 1984. Jenkins recently commented that this would be her final outing as a director for a Wonder Woman movie. There is also speculation that Gadot will be wrapping up her time as the character with the next film