4K News: Friday the 13th 4K UHD Announced!

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures
It’s that time of year again, when the dates align and we end up on a Friday the 13th, also the name of the hit horror franchise featuring hockey masked machete wielding undead serial killer Jason Voorhees.  To celebrate the iconic Camp Crystal Lake killer’s 40th Anniversary of taking out oversexed drugged up teenage campers right and left, Paramount Pictures did something special today: a formal announcement of an impending 4K UHD disc release slated for September 13th of 2022!
While October of 2020 gave us the gargantuan Friday the 13th Collection blu-ray box set consisting of all the Jason Voorhees films including the Freddy vs. Jason crossover and the non-Paramount New Line titles all through Shout Factory, this new announcement is a welcome one as well as a potential tease of things to come.  Though only the first one has been announced, it is well known Mr. Voorhees himself didn’t really show his hockey masked face until the third film which means it is only a matter of time before the other entries in the series follow the 4K UHD suit.

For die-hards, the 4K announcement is a godsend however fans tired of double-dipping (myself included) are likely to find this new 4K UHD announcement (made on Friday the 13th or not) a bit late to the game.  In any event, we horror fans will be watching closely to see if anything further evolves involving the rest of the films in the series making its way to 4K disc and digital platforms.  For now, it is indeed a step in the right direction but considering the size and winding nature of this horror slasher series, it could’ve been more than just announcing the first film.

--Andrew Kotwicki