Highway to The Profit Zone: Top Gun: Maverick Crosses $900 Million Worldwide


Tom Cruise has seen many cinematic successes in his decades long career but none have been quite the juggernaut as his latest starring vehicle, Top Gun: Maverick. The film which was in the developmental stages for decades and then sat dormant after the death of Tony Scott was then delayed due to the global pandemic is now the biggest hit of Cruise's career and one of the year following behind Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Just last week the movie crossed a worldwide gross of $800 million but has now just crossed the $901 million mark with domestic numbers sitting at $474.8 million and foreign receipts tallying $427.1 million. 

It's estimated that with the summer in full swing and this being a movie that will see many return viewings that it will cross the billion dollar mark in the near future. The only thing that may hold it back from hitting that marker would be the lack of a Chinese and Russian release where the film will not be screened. 

With two more Mission:Impossible movies on the way, Tom Cruise is definitely gearing up for a great couple years at the box office.