Goodnight Mommy: English Language Remake Sets Release Date


It was announced last year that the Austrian independent horror film, Goodnight Mommy would be getting a domestic remake. Naomi Watts will be stepping into the shoes of the mother in the film with Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti taking up the parts as her sons. The original film which was released in 2014 and was the Austrian pick for Best Foreign Language at the 88th Academy Awards but did not receive a nomination. Matt Sobel (Take Me To The River) is taking up directorial duties on the remake of the cult horror film. 

Yesterday it was announced that the film will be premiering on Amazon Prime Video on September 16th, 2022 and doesn't look to be receiving a theatrical run at this time. 

The story follows two young boys who are sent to live with their mother whose face is wrapped in bandages after a medical procedure. The boys suspect that the woman that's face is concealed is not really their mother.