Back From The Dead: WB Resurrects Constantine Sequel Starring Keanu Reeves


In a bit of stunning news, Warner Bros. has officially set a Constantine sequel that will see Keanu Reeves return to the role he played in the original 2005 live action film. Director Francis Lawrence is also set to retun in the directorial chair for the next installment in the franchise. The character was resurrected in a television series that only lasted for one season back in 2014 and was rumored to make a comeback of sorts in the DC universe but it never materialized. 

Reeves has teased for years that he'd like to make a comeback as the character and it looks like he'll finally get his way. John Constantine is an exorcist and demonologist that attempts to protect us from supernatural forces. 

Akiva Goldman has been tasked with writing the screenplay and is producing the motion picture through his Weed Road Pictures with J.J. Abrams and Hanna Minghella also helping out with creative duties. 

When the first Constantine opened in theaters in 2005, it made over $200 million dollars and was considered a mid-level hit. But it never garnered enough attention from the studio to get an immediate sequel. Now, 17 years later, it's finally taking form.