Box Office Barbarian: Horror Flick Passes $23 Million, Is Expanding This Weekend


Just in time for the Halloween month, 20th Century Fox has a small horror hit on their hands. Their September release, Barbarian has gone on to gross $23 million in revenue over 14 days. And it is continuing to expand. The movie scared up $10 million in its first weekend but is expected to climb as it is going to start opening in more theaters with Exhibitor Relations getting it into an additional 550 cinemas this weekend. The lower budget featured has already grossed over $24 million in its full worldwide haul but will definitely keep stacking more on as it's getting excellent word of mouth from both critics and movie-goers. 

20th Century fully expects Barbarian to hit the $30 million marker by the end of this weekend. Heading into the Halloween month with limited new horror releases coming out, it may have a clear path to continuing its excellent numbers. It's main competition will obviously be the conclusion to the long running Halloween saga in October.