Halloween Ends: John Carpenter Track and Boy Harsher Remix Have Been Released Online


Keeping in line with the last two entries in the Halloween franchise, John Carpenter has released one of his tracks from the upcoming soundtrack 
online. His group which features Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies have released the track called The Junkyard on Youtube in preparation for what is said to be the final entry in the Halloween saga. Alongside the Carpenter track, Boy Harsher has also posted a brand new remix of Burn It Down to the streaming site as well. 

Halloween Ends will conclude the long running Michael Myers saga and is said to finally end the character. Jamie Lee Curtis obviously returns to her long running role of Laurie Strode. The last release, Halloween Kills proved to be another success for the slasher brand despite a very mixed critical response. 

We look forward to seeing how they end the series.