I Want More Life, Father: Blade Runner 2049 Sequel Series Ordered at Prime Video


The long awaited and discussed sequel to Blade Runner 2049 has officially been ordered to series at Amazon Prime. Several months ago there were news reports that the streaming giant was working on a potential follow up to Ridley Scott's science fiction masterpiece. Well, it's been made official. The limited run live action series called Blade Runner 2099 has been added to their production slate of upcoming new projects. The story just broke via Deadline that the show is now being readied with Ridley Scott back on board in a producer role. There has been one other follow up with the animated show, Blade Runner: Black Lotus

There are no details on the show yet as the news is still breaking. But it's said to be a direct follow up to his 2017 film and will serve as a sequel or continuation of the movies. We'll obviously update as we hear more. 

Scott's original Blade Runner was released to little fanfare in 1982 and was a box office flop. In later years, it became a massive cult hit and ended up spawning Blade Runner 2049 which was directed by Denis Villeneuve. His film was also a commercial disaster and failed at the box office but still maintains a huge following in subsequent years following its release.