The Way of Money: Avatar Re-Release Takes #1 Spot at the Global Box Office


This last weekend saw the long awaited re-release of James Cameron's Avatar back in theaters. Initially released in 2009 to a massive box office haul, the film's sequel is scheduled to hit theaters in the coming months. In preparation, the studio has released the original back to cinemas with this weekend further solidifying its status as the biggest theatrical release of all time. Avatar re-opened globally and continued to rake in the bucks. 

This weekend saw the film take in another $10 million in U.S. receipts as well as $20.5 million in the international market. The movie took the number 3 spot domestically following behind The Woman King which banked another $11 million and Olivia Wilde's heavily dramatized directorial outing, Don't Worry Darling which clocked in at $19.2 million in the number 1 position.  

This is a great sign for the studio, James Cameron, and the movie itself. Many thought that the long hiatus between Avatar and its sequel would cause lack of interest. Obviously not. People are still invested in seeing where this story goes and appear to be hyped for Avatar:The Way of Water.