Call Me Snake: Kurt Russell Returning to Iconic Role for Sequel From Scream Directors

image courtesy AVCO Embassy Pictures

News broke earlier today that Kurt Russell will be returning to the role of Snake Plissken in a new sequel from the directors of the Scream reboot via their production company Radio Silence. We're surprised that this hasn't been published all over the place but it was posted earlier today on which is a very reputable news source. This will be the first time that Kurt Russell has returned to the role since 1996's highly flawed and critically ravaged Escape From L.A.. For years there has been talk of a full reboot but now it looks like Russell will return to the role for another sequel that may retcon the '96 follow-up. 

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, and Chad Villella will be helming the feature film and will be the first time John Carpenter hasn't been the director on a Plissken project, much the same as the latest do-over for Halloween. It's been a long time since Snake has been on the big screen but the character is still an iconic pop culture character that has a massive cult following. It's estimated that Carpenter will be on board as a producer. 

At one point there was discussion that his son Wyatt Russell could take over the role in a full reboot but nothing ever came of it. This will be an interesting take and we look forward to what they might do with a current spin on the futuristic world of Escape from New York.