Ho Ho Ho Again: Violent Night Sequel Already Being Planned

Image courtesy Universal Pictures

Violent Night has done a great box office so far and it looks like Universal will be capitalizing on its success. There is already talk that a sequel will be happening with director Tommy Wirkola and David Harbour returning in the lead. The hyper violent Christmas action movie is quickly racking up money on ticket sales and is getting a great response from audiences. Of course, the studio will want to make a follow up with David Harbour returning to the role of Santa Claus. Wirkola recently talked to The Hollywood Reporter and had this to say:

"Of course the writers have talked about it, and I have thrown some ideas out there. We don't see the North Pole, we don't see Mrs. Claus and we don't see the elves. There were also a few idead that we loved in the script but we had to cut them because we couldn't afford to shoot them. It's sucha cliche to say, but we all had a blast doing this film. So I really hope we get to explore it more."

Violent Night has already racked up over $24 million worldwide with nearly $16 million from domestic U.S. ticket sales.