Hunter's Run: George R.R. Martin Novel Making the Jump to Film


George R.R. Martin's science fiction novel, Hunter's Run is officially being turned into a live action film from Exile Content Studio. The book is currently being adapted to a screenplay and looks to be getting a theatrical release. Exile recently purchased the rights to his story and are now in the early developmental stages of transitioning it from page to screen. Martin wrote the original novel back in 2007 with assistance from Daniel Abraham (The Expanse) and Gardner Dozois. Martin's Game of Thrones was one of the biggest television shows of all times, as he currently serves as a producer on its prequel series, House of the Dragon.

Martin recently discussed the project with Variety and says that the studio will definitely feature a Latino protagonist in the main role, same of the original story:

"I'm so pleased that after almost 16 years Hunter's Run will be made into a film. I'm bursting with excitement for the rich sci-fi universe I helped create with my dear friends Daniel and Gardner to exist beyond the pages of our book"

The film is set to be directed by Mark Raso, who recently was behind Kodachrome. There are no other release details at this time.