I Welcome You Into My Dream: Fan Art Teases Alexandra Daddario as Wonder Woman

Image courtesy of Saban Films
With the current DCEU being rebooted by James Gunn and Peter Safran there is no known future for the live action Wonder Woman. For all that is known right now, Gal Gadot is officially out as the character and recasting will be needed. One actress that's been often teased as taking over the role is Alexandra Daddario. She's also been a choice of fans for a while. 

Artist @jaxsonderr has posted a new image that teases how Daddario might look if she ends up playing Wonder Woman in the next iteration of the character on screen. She has never been officially in talks for the character but might be a fresh spin if she ever gets a chance to enter the world of comic book movies. 

Gadot played the character in two Wonder Woman movies, Justice League and Batman V Superman. Her time may have been cut short, but it's sounding more and more like a new actress will take over the lead.