It's A Barbie World: Mattel's Barbie To Pass The Avengers' Domestic Box Office Haul, May Slip Into The Top Ten

Image courtesy of Mattel

Even as Barbie has headed home to digital streaming, it continues to make a ton of money at the domestic box office. It slipped down another notch this last weekend but still made another glorious $1 million in ticket sales in the U.S. continuing its huge run and absolute success for what is sure to be an entire film series. 

Mattel is currently in the early stages of developing several more movies around the brand. They have several other films in the works including Hot Wheels and Polly Pocket

With another weekend behind it, Barbie is set to cross The Avengers' lifetime domestic haul of $623.3 million in the next few days. It's been an absolute financial juggernaut this summer, solidifying it as the next big toy based film franchise. It's expected to cross into that number 11 spot but will most likely continue on and may enter the top 10 if it can continue to rack up revenue in theaters. 

In only 58 days in release, it's made $1.4 billion globally and is officially the biggest movie of 2023. This is also a first because it makes Greta Gerwig the first female director to make over $1 billion at the worldwide box office.