This Article Will Self Destruct: Misson:Impossible 7 Sets Digital and Blu-Ray Release Dates

Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Unfortunately enough, Mission:Impossible 7 failed to live up to box office expectations. As a follow up to his Top Gun: Maverick, the movie was expected to be a major big budget hit when it released in theaters this summer. Up against the one/two punch of Barbie and Oppenheimer, MI:7 was just no match and was ultimately foiled by the two major contenders. The movie went on to only gross $530 million in worldwide ticket sales, making it a serious loss for the studio and Tom Cruise who had just had an amazing previous year at the box office. 

It's been announced today, just a little over two months after the movie opened in theaters, that the home video release schedule is coming in October. Dead Reckoning will be available to rent or purchase on digital on October 10th. It will make its way to 4K, blu-ray and DVD on October 31st. Here's to hoping that the movie can make back more of its budget when it comes home during the month of Halloween. 

This seventh entry in the long running franchise is a part one of a two part story. It was initially announced that Dead Reckoning Part Two would close out the entire M:I franchise, but Cruise has now stated otherwise, saying that he would like to continue making them for years to come. Time is not on his side. And with dwindling returns, that may not end up happening.