We Move Forward: Snowpiercer Season Four Still Looking For A New Home, Production Completed

Image courtesy of TNT

It's been more than a year since TNT pulled the plug on their futuristic series, Snowpiercer. The show which was a full reboot from the science fiction movie had three relatively successful seasons on the cable outlet but was eventually cancelled prior to the release of the fourth season. It was estimated that the original program would have a five season arc but was cut short when TNT decided they didn't want to complete the series. Even with it not airing on the cable station, the fourth season was completed and has been shopped by the production company, Tomorrow Studios. 

Their CEO, Marty Adelstein had this to say when speaking with Deadline:

"We have season 4 in the can which hasn't been seen yet.We're talking to a number of buyers about buying the first three seasons and also season 4 which is probably our best season. We're in the middle of that."

Adelstein also mentioned that they're trying to find a new home for their Let the Right One In series which premiered on Showtime but was cancelled after its first batch of episodes. 

Snowpiercer is based on the 1982 graphic novel, Le Transperceneige which follows class warfare on a futuristic train after the world has frozen over. It was turned into a live action film in 2013 by director Bong Joon-Ho.