Amazon Has the Power: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Live Action Film May Head to Amazon

Image courtesy of Mattel

 A live action Masters of the Universe relaunch has been in the cards for years, but has failed to ever get all the way to production. It was well on its way to becoming a theatrical release but then was pulled from the schedule and fully cancelled. Now, it looks like He-Man and his band of heroes and enemies may be seeing a new life as Amazon is in discussions with Netflix to take over the project and finally make the long gestating movie. 

Of course, there was the 1987 Masters of the Universe starring Dolph Lundgren. But that movie didn't really use much of its source material and ended up being a massive flop for Cannon Films. For years there has been talk of a new live action movie and people had even been cast. However, it never seemed to get underway due to several reasons and no one having a finalized script from the Adam and Aaron Nee. Netflix spent nearly $30 million in development costs on the project but ended up scrapping it completely while the proposed budget spiraled to nearly $200 million. 

Now, it looks like it may head to Amazon where the creatives may begin working on finally getting this thing to launch. Talks between the two studios look to be continuing to see if they can hash out a deal for one of the biggest toy lines in history to make its next jump to live action.