Back To The Upside Down: David Harbour Says Stranger Things Season 5 Production is Imminent

Image courtesy of Netflix

Due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, the production of Stranger Things season 5 has been shuddered for months on end. At this point, its release has been pushed back by a year. Well, the good news is that the strike is finally over and it looks like production on the fifth and final season can get back underway and will be very soon. David Harbour just teased that the show will be back on set in a "couple days". Whether that's an exaggeration remains to be seen. 

When speaking at the Box Lunch Gala for Feeding America as quoted by Variety, Harbour was quoted as saying that, "I mean, we got to film that last season of Stranger Things, don't we? I got to be down there, like, in a couple of days. We got to get going! We're late."

So, it seems that this may be taking priority for Netflix to get this show back in front of cameras before the cast gets way too old to play teenagers anymore. New episodes haven't appeared on Netflix since July of 2022.