No One Stays Dead Forever: John Wick 5 Script in Development, Sequel Confirmed

Image courtesy of Lionsgate/Thunder Road Pictures

Although the last John Wick feature left the main character at peace and at a dramatic conclusion, it was fully expected that he would return again when the studio thought it was time. Well, it didn't take very long as it's now been officially confirmed that Wick will return in a fifth entry in the highly successful action franchise. Despite Reeves saying that he thought the character arc had seen a defined ending, Lionsgate and Thunder Road Pictures are moving full steam ahead with a fifth entry and more spin-offs. 

Lionsgate Motion Picture Group chair Joe Drakes stated at a recent earnings call, per, that their studio is including a John Wick 5 in their development slate with a script in the works. Drake said:

"On the Wick side we got multiple spin-offs and a Wick 5. We started to work on it right when the writer's strike started and we've gotten back to work as soon as it ended."

There is no confirmed release date of production slate for the film at this time but it would be expected in the next couple years so they can strike while the brand is still hot.